2021 Summer Cellospeak Studios

2021 Studio Programs for Adult Amateur Cellists – All New!

In place of our regular workshops for adult amateur cellists, we will host virtual Studio programs via Zoom again this summer. But we have organized them a bit differently from our 2020 Studio. This time, we will offer two separate and distinct 3 half-day (Friday-Sunday) weekend programs (two weeks apart). Both sessions will include cello technique classes and fascinating special presentations as well as streamed faculty recitals. But each session has a slightly different focus, and none of the classes are repeated. These Studio programs are designed for adult amateur cellists at all levels, whether beginner, intermediate or advanced. Each Studio includes cello technique presentations and cello music for practice that meet you where you are in your cello study, and allow you to improve your skill as well as to demystify techniques that you may not yet have tried or mastered.

Studio Schedules and Materials

Technique Studio

This Studio includes skill building classes on such topics as bowing techniques, thumb position, reading clefs, harmonics, arpeggios and chords; informative presentations on repertoire, cello maintenance, pedagogy and different musical styles; as well as troubleshooting sessions focused on specific pieces suited for different levels of proficiency. Participants also will be treated to a one-time only virtual faculty recital via YouTube. Click on this link to be directed to the TECHNIQUE STUDIO PAGE for the final updated Schedule and all session assigned faculty, music and class handouts.

Performance Studio

This Studio is focused on preparing participants to record one of five parts in a special arrangement of Gustav Holst’s St. Paul’s Suite Jig. All recorded parts will be combined into a virtual performance to be posted on the Cellospeak YouTube page. The skill building classes, aimed at specific issues faced in playing the Jig, include particular bowing techniques, time signatures, chromatic notes and accidentals, shifting, and string crossings. Classes are also offered on sightreading, practice strategies and the life and times of Gustav Holst. Participants in this Studio also will be treated to a one-time only virtual faculty recital via YouTube. Click on this link to be directed to the PERFORMANCE STUDIO PAGE for the final updated Schedule, sheet music, audio practice tracks, assigned faculty, and class handouts.

2021 Studio Faculty

Registration and Policies

We are structuring the Studio programs so that you can attend one or both Studio programs. Registration fees are $325 for one Studio and $600 for both Studios.


CANCELLATION DEADLINE: July 1, 2020. Except as set forth below under “RIGHTS RESERVED”, no cancellations or refunds will be allowed after this date.

RIGHTS RESERVED: Space is limited. Cellospeak reserves the right to limit enrollment or to cancel this event, or any individual class, for insufficient enrollment. In the unlikely case of cancellation by Cellospeak, Registration Fees will be fully refunded. Cellospeak reserves the right to assign faculty to classes based on enrollments. It is not possible to accommodate participant requests for particular faculty for any classes.

NOTICE: 2021 In-person Summer Workshops Cancelled. In view of the ongoing challenges caused by Covid, and in light of concerns expressed by members of our community at our March 5, 2021 Town Hall, we have decided NOT to hold in-person workshops again this year. We know this is disappointing news. We are as anxious as everyone to be able to play together once again. But it has not been possible to confirm arrangements that we are confident would ensure that everyone is safe.

Tech Tips for Zoom Meetings

The Zoom log-in information will be sent to you prior to the event. You don’t need any fancy equipment to participate. Using your laptop or iPad camera and microphone should be fine.  We are aware, however, that internet connections can be unreliable.  Here are some tips that may help ensure a good experience:

  • A laptop or a computer is generally better than using a handheld device (iPad, smartphones, etc).
  • Be sure your choice of device has the most up-to-date software, firmware, etc.
  • If possible, connect to the internet through an ethernet cable (straight from the wall or a router), rather than being on wifi. This minimizes interruptions and lags.
  • Use a set of earphones during sessions.  This will allow you to hear the teacher better.
  • While in a class, exit or log out of all other windows and programs.
  • Try to have good lighting focused directly on yourself.  Avoid sitting with your back or to a window or light source.

Questions or need additional information?

Please feel free to contact us at info@cellospeak.org.