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July 29 - August 4

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August 5 - 11 





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Zuill Bailey

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Holiday Greetings!

As this year comes to a close, I want to share how thankful I am to my Cellospeak family! Even though I have been Artistic Director for just half a year, I have been immersed in Cellospeak for most of my life. I am so grateful to be a part of an organization that brings together wonderful people, including a tireless board, terrific faculty, and amazing participants! Thank you for bringing Cellospeak into your life as well.

While you enjoy the holidays, bake cookies, shop around, and spend time with your loved ones, please share the love and consider contributing to Cellospeak for its mission and never-ending future plans. Our non-profit runs almost exclusively on the generous donations of sponsors like you, and we are able to execute our projects that will directly benefit YOU because of your on-going support. To get a slice of what you are supporting, read on:

1. Working on our 2018 Summer Workshops. The workshops are the soul of Cellospeak; none of the other elements would exist if it weren't for the Skill Builder and Ensemble Weeks at Bryn Mawr College. It is at these workshops that adult cellists learn, grow, and simply have fun! We pack the days full of activities, including valuable group classes, private lessons, and nightly performances from students and faculty alike. Your contributions will add more potential classes and activities the participants can enjoy.
2. Revamping our website to a new, fresh, and user-friendly version, which will go live in 2018. We are incredibly grateful to our Executive Director, Susanna Mendlow, for initiating this project! We are super excited about having more interactive functions, like an error-free store, member-only forum page, and easy-to-navigate options. It is finally happening!!!
3. Solidifying our 16 Cellos Concert. Yes, our annual tradition favorite is back! I am so excited to plan a whole new program for the ears of our wonderful Cellospeakers. Your contribution will help us fund the musicians, venues, music, and all the details that go into the event - you certainly don't want to miss this special concert!
4. Purchasing arrangements and finding perfect pieces for our upcoming 16 Cellos and Summer Workshops. We all can agree that our in-house conductor/arranger Gary Fitzgerald's contributions to the Cellospeak Music Library are just awesome. We also all agree that we can't get enough of them! Your donation will support the new arrangements and purchases from all around the world that make our performances so much fun and exuberating!
As you can see, our wish list seems to grow each year - we just can't wait to make more learning opportunities for adult amateur cellists! Please consider giving and sharing the joy with Cellospeak this year; your support will fuel our ideas and make all-things-cello happen. Our dedicated volunteer board members, incredible faculty members, invincible duo Executive and Artistic directors are enormously grateful for your thoughts and help - and we are committed to make every item on the agenda happen for YOU!
Happy Holidays and Best Wishes for the New Year! 


All donations are tax-deductible.

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