Cello Articles

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Strings Magazine Articles

Tips on Finding Cello Repertoire, by Jeffrey Solow. Strings Magazine March 8, 2001. Sources and References for cello and chamber-music repertoire.

Learning the Seven Points on the Cello Fingerboard, by Alex Kelly, Strings Magazine December 1, 2008. A guide to improving pitch accuracy, body alignment, and shifting on the cello.

How to Play the Cello, by Greg Cahill, Strings Magazine June 8, 2012. 10 lessons to sharpen your cello-playing technique.

10 Tips for Learning Cello Technique and Developing Musicality, by Louise Lee, Strings Magazine December 6, 2019.

Picture Perfect: When Communicating Musical Ideas and Cello Technique, A Little Imagery Goes a Long Way, by Brian Hodges, Strings Magazine May-June 2021.