Cello Repertoire Resources

Compiled by Natalie Spehar and Nancy Baun

Familiar Sources

Intermediate Technique Books

A gentle progression for anyone self-learning at the moment that is interested in the “lateral” approach:
Rick Mooney – Position Pieces for Cello Book 1 (2nd-4th position)

Rick Mooney – Position Pieces for Cello Book 2 (5th position +) 
Rick Mooney – Thumb Position for Cello Book 1 (includes some fun folk/fiddle tunes)
Alwin Schroeder – 170 Foundation Studies

Cassia Harvey 

Cassia Harvey (a cellist and ballerina with an awesome perspective on movement/posture) has literally dozens of practice books for every creative angle.

Collections of Intermediate Cello Solos

Contemporary Cello Etudes (Jazz/Folk influenced) by Mike Block
The Cello Collection Series of Books by Schirmer 
Celtic Fiddle Tunes for Solo and Ensemble (Cello Edition) – Craig Duncan

Natalie and Nancy’s Own Lists

Natalie Spehar’s Alternative Repertoire

Improv 101 Video Course
An Ornamented Christmas – Cello (for which I’ll also be releasing some audio play-along tracks this year!)
Sheet Music Plus library that includes arrangements of pop tunes for improv study — the “Sitting In” Series 

Nancy Baun’s Progressive Repertoire

Cellospeak faculty member Nancy Baun provides her own selective list of repertoire for cello study, presented progressively. Click the button below for a pdf of Nancy’s list, with live links to the various items mentioned.

Lists by Level

Royal Conservatory of Music

The Royal Conservatory of Music in Toronto states on its website that it “is one of the largest and most respected music education institutions in the world, providing the definitive standard of excellence in curriculum design, assessment, performance training, teacher certification and arts-based social programs.” They maintain a detailed cello syllabus for various levels of study, however only prior years are available publicly. Their “Cello Series” includes repertoire music to Level 8, recordings, etudes to Level 8, technique to Level 10 and orchestral excerpts to level 10. The price for the full Cello Series is about $350.

New York State School Music Association

The New York State School Music Association Cello Repertoire List was NOT prepared by cellists themselves but rather by school orchestra directors which informed by NYS cello faculty. The list is helpful, but just beware, it is a long and exhaustive listing and one would never expect to play everything listed!I

Advanced Resources

Accidentals Scale Book

Below is a link to “Accidentals Happen!” (in bass clef). Here is the Amazon description of this fascinating collection of scales: “[This] is a diverse scale book which includes scales from classical, jazz, blues and a variety of world music traditions. In this book are 26 scales notated in all 15 key signatures. The scales in this book are: Major, Harmonic & Melodic Minor, Dorian, Phrygian, Lydian, Mixolydian (Dominant 7th), Aeolian (Natural Minor) & Locrian Modes, Major & Minor Pentatonic Scales, Spanish/Jewish, Hungarian Minor, Arabic, Hindu, Augmented, Lydian Augmented, Major & Minor Diminished, Whole Tone & Diminished Whole Tone, Harmonic Major, Blues, Bebop, Lydian Dominant & Chromatic scales. All scales in this book are notated in TWO OCTAVES. It includes reference material on 25 scales, the “Circle of Fifths”, key signatures & enharmonic equivalents. Half steps are shown in all scales where applicable. It is designed for cellists who are able to play up to seventh position. A great preparation for improvisation.