Healing with Cello

During this difficult time and the world of unknowns, playing your cello and music can be a powerful tool to promote resilience, peace, calm, and unity. It can also connect all of us during this unprecedented period.

We hope this specially created page will give you some love and peace during this stressful time.


Hush, Now – written, sculpted, created, and loved by our own Cellospeak Faculty Amy Butler

Those of you who attended our summer workshop last year would remember this magical Cellospeak experience with Amy. She performed this piece on her electric cello at one of our evening recitals. She wanted to share this beautiful creation of hers with all of our Cellospeakers, hopefully connecting all of us together. The piece is created, written, sculpted, taken care for, produced, and recorded all by Amy. She also hopes that it will bring some comfort, love, and calm during these difficult times as this piece is very dear and personal to her. “Hush, Now” by Amy Butler. All permission and copyright by Amy Butler. All rights reserved. Thanks for sharing your beautiful creation, Amy!


Impromptu Porch Recitals by our own Cellospeak Faculty Irina Tikhonova

Some, like long-time faculty member Irina Tikhonova, have put on much-appreciated impromptu porch recitals for their neighbors. Yay Irina!  (See this local news report on her concerts).

Our neighbor is performing another concert right now. A bigger audience today.

Posted by Debbie Harper Schindler on Thursday, March 26, 2020


Porch Recitals by Sheryl Smith Featured in Richmond News

Cellospeak cellist Sheryl Smith is featured in this news story from Richmond, VA, talking about the value of live music, especially during this time.  See the news story here.


You are not alone in this. There are a lot of uncertainty at the moment. We are all in this together, and we are thinking of you! Cellospeak is your home away from home, a giant cello family/community. We will get through this together. Even better – we get to do it through the love of cello. Take a moment, come back and listen to the beautiful sound of cello and stay in touch with us.