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Cellospeak was created in 2000 by the Founder and longtime Artistic Director Dorothy Amarandos as a summer workshop for adult cello students yearning for an opportunity to play in ensembles.  In 2007, Cellospeak was formally organized as a company and was granted tax-exempt status under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.  Since then, Cellospeak has grown not only in size but also in the scope and range of its activities.  We are increasingly focused on creating educational materials, music resources and social networks of interest to adult cellists everywhere, regardless of their ability to participate in the Workshop.  In 2010 we launched a membership initiative to provide greater sustained benefits to Cellospeak enthusiasts.



Our Mission


It is our mission to provide opportunities for inspiring and enriching cello instruction for adults from all professions, backgrounds, and stages of life to come together in the Cellospeak Programs to share a love of music and the cello. There are opportunities for all those who desire to improve their playing by immersing themselves in the study of this noble instrument with like-minded individuals and accomplished cellists and to experience renewed interests, friendships, and a sense of social engagement and accomplishment.


It is a well-known fact that adults of all ages who are actively engaged in one of the intensive creative arts are happier, healthier, and significantly more able to delay the negative effects of aging. While that is true, the cello is perhaps the most ideal instrument to study - whether as a first-time activity or as a renewed interest from younger days - because of its magnificent sound and range of tone and expression, and because of its suitability to play in orchestras and all forms of chamber groups. To provide opportunities to play with others, learn from the experts, and expand musical and personal horizons is what Cellospeak is all about.


Cellospeak: A Documentary



Founder & Executive Chairman


        Dorothy Amarandos


Executive Director


Susanna Mendlow

Honorary Chairman 


         Zuill Bailey



Board of Directors


Cellospeak is managed by an active all-volunteer Board of Directors. The Board members

and officers are:

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Front Row:         

John Janega*

Kristin Gilbert

Dorothy Amarandos - Executive Chairman

Cheryl Fisher - Secretary

Marion Baker    


Back Row:

Francesca Wilde* 

Agnes Manley - Secretary

Nathan Park*    

Aileen Pisciotta

Oona Cheung - Treasurer            


Not Pictured:  

Bomin Collins

Susanna Mendlow - Executive Director

*indicates former board members



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