Cellospeak 2018

Skill Builder Week
July 29 - August 4

Ensemble Week
August 5 - 11 

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Zuill Bailey

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Two Cello Workshops for Adults in 2017         

Skill Builder Workshop          Ensemble Workshop

Bryn Mawr College • Bryn Mawr, PA

Dorothy Amarandos, Founder

2017 Skill Builder Workshop


July 23 - July 29


(Sunday morning – Saturday morning)


Focus: Individual Skills       7August 04 2015-0933.jpg

Participants are divided into four groups based on experience:                            

Beginner, Elementary, Intermediate, Advanced.  

The program includes:

· Technique Classes and Ensemble Classes

· 6 half-hour (or possibly 3 1-hour) private lessons with faculty member

· Time daily for individual practice or pick-up groups

· Individual recital performances with piano accompaniment


      To view a past Skill Builder Workshop schedule, please click here.





2017 Ensemble Workshop


July 30 - August 5


(Sunday morning – Saturday morning) 


      Focus: Ensemble Skills

Participants are divided into four groups (I - IV) based on experience for placement in the Cello Choir and Quartets.

The program includes:

58August 05 2015-1306.jpg

· Technique Classes and Sectionals  

· Quartet Coaching and Performances

· Cello Choir    

· Time daily for individual practice or pick-up groups  

· Final Concert featuring performances by the Cello Choir and Faculty

Note that participants who wish to arrive with pre-formed groups & pre-selected music are encouraged to do so. 

       To view a past Ensemble Workshop schedule, please click here. 




2017 Faculty      


Faculty for the 2017 summer workshops won't be finalized until Spring of 2017 but our 2016 faculty is representative of who will be teaching again.  2016 faculty included the following cellist/teachers.  Note that there is a 1:4 ratio of summer workshop participants to teachers each year.


Marion Baker, Robert Battey, Nancy Baun, Lynne Beiler, Amy Butler-Visscher, Louise Butler, Bomin Collins, Victoria De La Cruz, Carl Donakowski, Jorge Espinoza, Alan Saucedo Estrada, Gary Fitzgerald, Kristin Gilbert, Jonah Kim, Kenneth Law,   Sean Neidlinger, Dan Shomper, Irina Tikhonova.   



Facilities and Accommodations

Bryn Mawr College • Bryn Mawr, PA

The workshops are held at Bryn Mawr College in Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania.  This Cellospeak11_06_6212.jpgoutstanding facility provides for an exciting and enriching experience for all participants.

Facilities include:

·          Comfortable, fully air-conditioned spaces

·          Large and small rehearsal and teaching rooms

·          Lovely lounge and patio for receptions

·          Dining hall that serves delicious, healthy meals

·          Single-occupancy rooms; Doubles available for guests 

·          Elevators to ease transportation of your cello



       To view travel information, please click here.

Cello Rentals  

If you live far from Bryn Mawr, consider renting an instrument from a local shop. Cellos are delivered directly to campus and retrieved at the conclusion of the workshops. Contact the shops to reserve a cello. Refundable deposit is required.


6665 Germantown Av.

Philadelphia, PA 19119




Enrollment is limited for each week.   Application forms are available as a link on this web page and will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis with priority given to previous participants until April 1, 2017. All participants who register before April 1 will receive a $100 discount (Early Bird rate).

·          A minimum of 40 and a maximum of 64 participants will be participating at each workshop week

·          One (1) Virtuoso Faculty will be staffed for every four (4) participants

Tuition, which includes Instruction, Room & Board

Skill-Builder Workshop

Sunday July 23 – Saturday July 29             

Early Bird



Ensemble Workshop

Sunday July 30 – Saturday August 5

Early Bird



Both Workshops

Reduced Tuition:

Early Bird 



Other Costs


            Saturday Arrival

            Late Fee (June 1)

$85 per night
$60 per person


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