Special Faculty Presentations

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Ken Law

Cello Music of Composers of African American Descent (1:03:08)

Cellospeak faculty member and former Artistic Director, Ken Law, delivers a fascinating presentation on a diverse group of composers of African descent who created great cello music. For ease of viewing, the presentation is divided into eight separate videos, all of which are accessible together at checkout. Recorded at the 2020 Cellospeak Studio. All levels.
Chapter 1 – Introduction and David Baker (1931-2016) (9:48)
Chapter 2 – William Grant Still (1895-1978) (7:59)
Chapter 3 – Howard Swanson (1907-1978) (6:49)
Chapter 4 – Dorothy Rudd Moore (1940-present) (4:29)
Chapter 5 – George Walker (1922-2018) (11:39)
Chapter 6 – Joseph Bologne (1745-1799) (Chevalier de Saint-Georges) (7:52)
Chapter 7 – Coleridge-Taylor Perkinson (1932-2004) (4:56)
Chapter 8 – More Conversation with Ken Law (10:23)

Gary Fitzgerald

What’s Going On Up There, Including What To Do If It’s ME Up There (56:43)

If you play the cello, you’ll almost always have the opportunity to experience playing in a large ensemble – an experience you should take advantage of! Large ensembles need someone to make decisions about how the ensemble – the group of musicians united in performance – will come together: the conductor. This session by Cellospeak ensemble conductor Gary Fitzgerald focuses on what the conductor should be giving, the mechanics of making that happen, and ways to understand how to interpret and respond to what is being received. A pdf of questions and answers prepared prior to the session is available for download after checkout. Recorded at 2020 the Celloseak Studio. All levels