2021 Technique Studio – July 16-18

The 2021 Technique Studio focused on particular cello skills and included troubleshooting sessions on particular pieces for different skill levels.

Below are links to videos from the technique presentations at the Studio. Each video link also includes the pdf handouts from the session. The videos may be streamed only, but the handouts may be downloaded for personal use. The video links will be available on this page exclusively to all Technique Studio participants and faculty for free streaming for a limited time. Thereafter they will be made available to all Cellospeak members. For reference, click HERE for the final Technique Studio Schedule.

Session Videos and Materials

Video Ordering and Viewing Instructions

To view any video, just click on the yellow button to add to your cart. You will be directed to a check-out, but it is free. If you want to see more than one video, we recommend that you add them all to your cart at once. You will get an email listing the videos you have ordered. Just click the “Play” link in that email to view the video. Keep the email handy so that you can go back to it and click Play to view it again. There is no need to order any video more than once. You can stream all of the videos as many times as you want.


All available handouts are included with each video order and may be downloaded. However, downloaded pdfs will be marked to deter sharing. All materials are provided exclusively for educational purposes and your personal use in connection with this Performance Studio, and may not be sold or further distributed. (Please note, there are a few handouts, but no videos from Session 3 – Troubleshooting)

Friday July 16 – Session 1

Class #1 – Right Hand – Articulated Bowings (Staccato, Spiccato, etc.)
Bob Battey
Includes Handouts: Articulated Bowings and Variations from Sevcik

Class #2 – Left Hand – Overcoming the Fear of Thumb Position
Nancy Baun
Includes Class Outline, Thumb Position Handouts, and Resources

Saturday July 17 – Session 1

Class #1 – First Date with Clefs; How to Learn/Tackle Bass, Tenor and Treble Clefs
Camilo Perez-Mejia
Includes Clefs Handout

Class #2 – Left Hand – Fingerboard Geography and Harmonics
Bob Battey
Includes Fingerboard Geography Handout

Sunday July 18 – Session 1

Class #1 – Right Hand – Tone Production and Smooth Bow Changes
Amy Butler
Includes Tone Production Handout

Class #2 – Left Hand – How to Tackle Triads, Arpeggios and Chords
Carl Donakowski
Includes Handouts for Fingerings for Root Position, Triads and Arpeggios and Bowing Chords

Friday July 16 – Session 2

Finding the Right Cello, Maintenance and Accessories
Natalie Spehar & Katlyn DeGraw
Includes Cello Essentials Handout and other Resources

Saturday July 17 – Session 2

Exploring Differences in Pedagogy
Carl Donakowski
Includes Pedagogy Handout

Sunday July 18 – Session 2

Varying Techniques for Different Styles of Music
Susanna Mendlow & Camilo Perez-Mejia
Includes Shifting Exercise and Bach Third Suite Prelude Excerpt. Also refer to sheet music and handouts for Troubleshooting sessions, below.

Session #3 (Each Day) – Troubleshooting Sheet Music and Handouts
Friday July 16 – Session 4

Progression of Repertoire for Cello Study
Nancy Baun & Natalie Spehar
Includes Repertoire Discussion Outline and other Resources

Saturday July 17 – Session 4

Habits, Your Secret Weapon
Katlyn DeGraw
(No handouts for this session)