Cellospeak Studio Materials (2020)

Materials for 2020 Cellospeak Studio

July 31 – August 2, 2020

Class Descriptions

Please click HERE for detailed descriptions of each class.

Technique Class Videos and Materials.

Videos of the technique classes presented at the 2020 Studio, along with accompanying handouts, are available for streaming at no charge to Cellospeak members HERE.   If you are not a member, you can join HERE.

Session #3: Music for Duet and Feuillard Classes

Please click on the links below for the sheet music you will need to prepare for the Session #3 Feuillard/Duet classes.

COPYRIGHT NOTICE: Music excerpts are made available here solely for educational purposes for use in connection with specific 2020 Cellospeak Studio classes. However they may be protected by copyright.  They are not being offered by Cellospeak for sale, and may not be copied and/or further distributed or sold by anyone.

Easy Duets:

Lee Easy Duet Cello 1 and 2

Dancla Sonatina Cello 1 and 2

Andantino Kummer Duet Cello 1 and 2

Intermediate Duet: Allegro, Concerto in G Minor, Vivaldi  (Vivaldi Double):

Allegro Vivaldi Double Score

Allegro Vivaldi Double Cello 1

Allegro Vivaldi Double Cello 2

Advanced Duet: “Eyeglasses Duet”, Beethoven

Eyeglasses Duet Cello 1

Eyeglasses Duet Cello 2

Intermediate/Advanced Exercise Session with Bob Jesselson:  Feuillard #32

Feuillard Exercise #32

Bob Jesselson Blog #3-#11 on Feuillard #32 (Please watch them prior to the session)

Bob Jesselson “The Joy of Feuillard” Complete Blogs

Bob Jesselson, “The Joy of Feuillard” Handout