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Members enjoy exclusive access to the educational materials listed on this page, which are intended to help improve skills and enhance the joy of playing the cello. Just click on the blue buttons to access the member-only pages.

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Cellospeak Faculty Technique Videos

Members may click the button below to access technique videos recorded either directly by Cellospeak faculty members or at Cellospeak events, including our virtual Studio events and our in-person summer workshops. In several cases, written handouts are also available for download. The cello technique video presentations accessible from this page are for the exclusive benefit of Cellospeak members and are not available anywhere else. The full-length videos cover a wide range of topics such as achieving fluid playing, exercises for the bow hand, accurate shifting, cello fingerboard geography, preparing for performance, mastering scales, vibrato and much more. Please read more about our Faculty HERE.

List of Videos Available

Practice Strategies

Robert Jesselson – Practically Perfect Practicing (2020)

Bow Technique

Katlyn DeGraw – A Balanced and Fluid Approach (2020)
Carl Donakowski – Lifting the Veil on Comfortable and Expressive Cello Playing (2020)
Jorge Espinoza – Bow Warm Up Before Playing (2020)

Left Hand

Robert Battey – Unifying Theory of Fingerboard Geography (2020)
Lynne Beiler – Scales Bootcamp (Or How I Learned to Love F#Major) (2020)
Amy Ward Butler – Vibrate Without Fear (2020)
Camilo Perez-Mejia – Warm Up Like A Singer! (2020)
Alan Saucedo Estrada – Secrets to Shifting (2020)


Irina Tikhonova – Lesser Known Russian Pieces (Chanson Triste) (2020)


Nancy Baun – Community Orchestra Music (2020)
Jihea Choi – Spotting Elementary Techniques for Intermediate-Advanced Pieces (2020)
Susanna Mendlow – How to Beat Stage Fright (2020)

Dorothy Amarandos’ Cello Chops Videos

These five videos, titled “From Twinkles to the Swan and Beyond“, were recorded at the Cellospeak 2012 Ensemble Workshop, They showcase the individual cello pedagogy of our founder, Dorothy Amarandos, which she always referred to as “Cello Chops.”

List of Videos

Lesson #1 – Left and Right Hand Basics – Sitting with the cello •Left and right hand basics; arm positions •Bow position and distribution •Bowing variations – Twinkles etc. •String crossings •Vibrato

Lesson #2 – Positions and Shifting – •Shifting gymnastics to 2nd, 3rd and 4th positions •Order of flats and sharps •Extensions •Scales •Cello geography

Lesson #3 – String Crossings and Bowing Patterns – •Bowing exercises for big and small  string crossings •Bowing techniques, lifted and double bows •Playing chords •Shifting styles •Chords and bowing patterns for Bach’s 1st Suite Prelude

Lesson #4 – Keys and Clefs – •Circle of 5ths •Major and minor scales •Extensions •Harmonics •Triads and arpeggios •Tenor clef •Legato bowing – Kol Nidre

Lesson #5 – Upper Register and Thumb Position – •Wrist movement in small bows •Shifting to upper register •Treble clef, octave jumps •Thumb position – The Swan •Advanced bowing – Sammartini, Breval and Lalo

Member Holiday Gifts

Each year, Cellospeak typically sends Cellospeak members a special ensemble score and parts, often specially arranged by Gary Fitzgerald. All of the member holiday gifts may be accessed and downloaded on a special member-only page.

List of Member Gift Arrangements

2011 Quodlibet (Fitzgerald arr.)

2013 Blessed is the Man (Bach)

2014 St. Anthony’s Chorale (Haydn)

2015 Prepare the Way (German Folk Tune)

2016 5 Cello Pieces for Tone (Handel and Bach)

2018 Fugue (Faure)