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Cellospeak Membership is now $25.00 per year, and anyone can join! You do not have to be a cellist, and you need not have attended the annual Workshop. If you appreciate the role that music, particularly the cello, can play in enriching the lives of players and audiences, we encourage you to support our organization by becoming a member.

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Our annual membership entitles you to:
  • 10% discount on Cellospeak products purchased through our website store (not available on Zazzle products)
  • Access to our members-only forum (to come), which includes discussions with Cellospeak faculty and guest artists
  • Discounts on Washington Metropolitan Area concert tickets
  • Access to the Member Resources page, which includes helpful information and resources such as links to online teaching videos
  • Year-end gift from Cellospeak
$25.00 per Year. Select

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Account Holder status allows you to purchase items on our website but does not entitle you to full membership benefits. Free Select

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