Noteworthy Changes

It is with great regret that I must announce Kenneth Law’s departure as Artistic Director of Cellospeak. We are extremely grateful for his energy, talent and willingness to lead us through the 2016 Workshops and 16 Cellos Concert. We value his work and have truly enjoyed having him as a team member! We wish him all the best in his upcoming musical pursuits, even though we will miss him at Cellospeak. Ken, we salute you with a multitude of thanks!

Here are the kind words Ken wanted to share with you, fellow lovers of Cellospeak:

Dear Cellospeak Family,

It is with a heavy heart that I must leave my position as Artistic Director of Cellospeak. I am passionate about this organization and all things cello; however, for personal reasons, I have decided to step aside and make way for someone new. Seeing the workshops thrive last summer was a highlight of my professional career, and I will always sing the praises of this wonderfully unique experience. I encourage you to continue supporting Cellospeak and, of course, attend the summer workshops! Thank you for making my time with you one that I will never forget. I am truly honored and grateful.


Thank you, Ken, for all your hard work!

On a less somber note, we recently welcomed Bomin Collins (whom many of you know as a fantastic teacher and cellist) to the Cellospeak Board. She will assist Gary Fitzgerald, Marion Baker, and myself in handling the Artistic Director responsibilities for the 2017 workshops. We are excited to have Bomin join our ranks and look forward to bringing you another wonderful summer of learning and adventure.

My final update for the coming year is that we have decided to take a hiatus from our annual 16 Cellos Concert. We know the participating faculty and audience greatly enjoy these extraordinary performances of virtuoso cellos and we are sorry to disappoint. After our careful scrutiny of the budget, however, we realized that these fundraising concerts yielded no return, thereby undermining their purpose! That being said, we do intend to reinstate 16 Cellos in the future with perhaps a different focus and (hopefully) grant funding. Stay tuned!

Much Love,

A Long Overdue Thanks to Sheryl Smith!

Sheryl Smith, longtime workshop participant, music arranger, and witty cello skit creator, has now made yet another creative and time-consuming contribution to Cellospeak. Nearly a year ago Sheryl converted our massive music library from a disheveled nightmare to an orderly and well-preserved collection. We already have benefited greatly from Sheryl’s hard work, and we wanted to let you all know how much of a difference she has made! Not only did she systematically organize all our music into a catalogue that allows for new entries, but she created a comprehensive spreadsheet that includes all the necessary information on each work (including the condition of the sheet music itself!) as well. Furthermore, she generated a separate collection of sight-reading pieces, which many of you played during last summer’s workshops. As a result of Sheryl’s dedication, Cellospeak now can easily locate and access music that used to take ages to find! We are fortunate to have a 3rd-generation volunteer librarian to put our chaos in order. The extent and expanse of this project has simply blown us away, and we wanted to make sure you all knew about it. So even though you may never witness the full extent of this gift, please join us in extending a huge THANK YOU to Sheryl for beautifully completing such a monumental task!

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