“Amour-Rondeau” – In Memory of Dorothy Amarandos


This aptly titled 2 CD set is a treasure of recordings displaying Dorothy’s love and passion for the cello as well as the appreciation and love returned to her by Cellospeak faculty playing some of the most stirring cello ensembles ever heard.  Disc 1 showcases stunning Cellospeak faculty performances at Dorothy’s Memorial Musicale in September 2019 of such moving pieces as Adagio for Strings by Barber, Requiem by Popper, Ave Maria by Bruch and Shenandoah.  It also includes a special recording specifically requested by Dorothy of Chopin’s Nocturne played by renowned pianist Thomas Pandolfi, who was a Cellospeak faculty member in 2013. Disc 2 includes twelve live recordings of Dorothy’s own performances on both the cello and viola da gamba spanning a period of more than 20 years during her prime.  The recordings include a performance when she was the only freshman at the Eastman School of Music on an all-Boccherini recital of graduating seniors in 1943, recordings of viola da gamba pieces performed with the Renaissance and Baroque touring group, Ars Antiqua, which she founded and directed in 1957-65, and cello recitals played while she was on the faculty at the Ohio State University 1967-69. The virtuoso performances by Dorothy on both the viola da gamba and cello cover an incredible range of music spanning the 16th to the 20th centuries composed by Boccherini, Marais, J.S. Bach, Paganini, Schubert, Dvorak, Vitali, Britten and others.  This special commemorative CD set was produced by Dorothy’s daughter Aileen on behalf of the Dorothy Amarandos Trust. The CD is certain to be treasured by all who have been touched by Dorothy and her Cellospeak legacy.



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