Ars Antiqua 4-CD Set

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This is an exclusive 4-CD set of remastered historical recordings of the early music performing group Ars Antiqua, founded in Rochester, New York in 1957 by Cellospeak Founder Dorothy Amarandos.  Over a period of ten years, as director and performer on the viola da gamba, Dorothy Amarandos led the group’s development of a rich repertoire of theatrical productions on Renaissance and Baroque themes.  Each Ars Antiqua production offered a unique synthesis of instrumental music performed on original instruments, madrigal singing, dance and drama.  Surviving recordings, left in storage for decades, were remastered and combined in this special  collection in 2005.  The collection includes excerpts from diverse programs such as “Shakespeare’s England,” “Lorenzo the Magnificent,” “O Magnum Mysterium,” “Italian Masters,” “Theatre de la Foire,” “Entertainment for Louis XIV,” “Deutscher Kammermusik,” and “Legends of St. Nicholas.”  The elegantly produced CD set includes a beautiful and informative brochure with program notes.


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