Sponsors and Donors


Cellospeak always strives to accomplish its mission with minimal overhead. Other than a small stipend for our Artistic and Executive Directors, we operate virtually entirely on volunteer effort and do not maintain any office space. Still, our program registration and membership fees do not fully cover all of our expenses which include general administration, faculty compensation, facility fees, and commissions for arrangements. To date, Cellospeak has not received any grants or foundation support. Consequently, to sustain our existing programs as well as expand our offerings for both amateur cellists and our professional faculty, we rely on contributions.

If you are a company interested in becoming a corporate sponsor, click here for benefits. Contact us if you are interested in beginning a relationship with Cellospeak and would like more information.

Memorial Gifts

David Yelton – $2,500 In Memory of Lillian Waugh
John Perez – $100 In Memory of Charles Rougle
Tuula Karabin – $50 In Memory of Charles Rougle

Benefactors ($1,000-$2,000)

Aileen and Joe Pisciotta*

Patrons ($500-$999)

The Dorothy Amarandos Trust
Violetta Bendzius*
Gigi Jasper*
Renee Klatt
Carol Purdy Miller

Jack Page*
Lois Purdy
Harry Rosen*
Barbara Stephenitch*
Petra Warren*

Sponsors ($250-$499)

Madelyn Campbell*
Ming & Oona Cheung*
Mary Eyerer*
Janet Hadler*

Joyce Hilchie
Royce Kneece*
Agnes Manley*
Janis Payne*

Sheryl Smith*
Janice Spain*
Tamara Stewart
Eileen Street*

Supporters ($100-$249)

Ellen Belkin*
Joseph Biundo
Grace Brockett*
Barbara Brown*
Diane Bryson
Barbara Dieckman*
Dennis Dunn
Patricia Esposito*

Cheryl Fisher*
Brian Forst
Thomas Frank*
Michelle Hall
James Handshaw*
Christine Lerch Kirby*
Elliott Lichtman*
Leah Mazade*
Gail McGinn

Paul Ness
Network for Good
Pamela Cobb Pettis
Dwight Redd*
Martin Rosol*
Bob Slusser
Margaret Spier*
Carlton White*

Donors ($50-$99)

Molly Alcott*
Jan Barrett
Robert Battey*
Alexander Baxter
Dominic Berg
Irene Conlon*

Michelle Englemann
Lynn Hammer
Barbara Hill*
Kimberly Hodes*
Paul D. Howard*
Eric Kartchner*
Paul Kennedy

Christina Morley*
George Neely*
Christina Renschen*
Susan Spain*
David Stevens*
Bellina Veronesi*

Friends ($20-$49)

Susan Abramson*
Jennifer Conner*
Donald Druga
Carol Frye*
Linda Fuchs*
Andrea Fus
Janet Hall

Belinda Hardin
Jacqueline Harsha*
Jean Lenard*
Corrine Livingston*
Rommel Maldia
Jennifer McNeilly*
Marie Ng

Paypal Giving Fund
Susan Rankin*
Evelyn Richardson
Paula Rothman*
Marc Simmons*
Franceska Wilde
Nicki Wiszneauckas*

*Cellospeak Member

Cellospeak is incorporated as a not-for-profit corporation and in 2007 was granted tax exempt status as a 501(c)(3) educational organization. Contributions to Cellospeak are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law. 

Monetary contributions may be made online:

or by checks sent to:

Cellospeak, Inc.
PO Box 5232
Arlington, VA 22205

For other gifts including bequests, stocks or securities, please contact Cellospeak at info@cellospeak.org.

Cellospeak wishes to express its deep gratitude to the many generous individuals and businesses who help support our activities.

Thank you!